Have you ever found that you give great advice or are a wonderful support to a loved one, but when it comes to yourself and problems you may be facing, you sometimes feel stuck and unable to move forward? That’s where I come in. Sometimes we’re too close to a problem to be able to see it clearly. Like standing too close to a mural and it just looks like a bunch of colors muddled together. Yet, when you take a few steps back you can see a beautiful picture reveal itself in front of you. My job is to help you find that picture.


My name is Acacia (ah-kay-sha). Don’t worry, most people trip over the name at first! I am a licensed professional counselor here at Liv Associates. I earned my master's degree in counseling psychology from Chestnut Hill College. In my current practice, I work with people across the lifespan. I have been fortunate enough to build my clinical skills in a variety of settings, including partial programs, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, preschools, and outpatient mental health. I have experience providing individual, group, and family counseling to people of all ages. When it comes to therapy, I prefer to take an eclectic approach. As I’m sure you’ve heard before, there is no “one size fits all” approach to therapy. My job is to meet you where you are so we can work together to find solutions that most benefit you.


I work with many different individuals, each with their own unique circumstances. My experience includes work with depression, anxiety, OCD, specific phobias, self-esteem issues, grief and loss, difficulties with life transitions or adjustments, LGBTQ+ issues, and infertility. I have specific experience in providing cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure and response prevention, play therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness-based practices.

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